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Orange Juice Products and Carbendazim: Addendum to FDA Letter to the Juice Products Association

Import sampling of Orange Juice from all foreign sources
Import sampling began January 4, 2012.  Under FDA’s current import sampling assignment, FDA is testing all shipments of incoming OJ products from all foreign sources.
Incoming shipments of orange juice (OJ) products (which may include powdered products, ready to serve, or concentrate) are being sampled at the border and sent to FDA laboratories. From the time that FDA collects the sample, testing typically takes 4-5 business days when no carbendazim is confirmed during the initial screening; and an additional 7 business days if additional analyses are necessary.
FDA can accurately quantify and confirm carbendazim if it is present in OJ products at levels of 10 parts per billion (ppb) or greater.  Any import shipments containing carbendazim at 10 ppb or greater will be refused.  The importer will have 90 days to export or destroy the product that has been refused.
The orange juice product is tested in the form in which it arrives for entry into the United States.  The 10 ppb limit applies to powdered products, ready to serve, or concentrate.   If the product tested is below 10 ppb, it will be permitted into the country for sale, if it complies with all other applicable laws and regulations.
If FDA collects and analyzes three shipments of orange juice products from the same manufacturer and all samples are found to be in compliance, products from that manufacturer will no longer be sampled under the current assignment.
In the case of domestic products EPA has informed FDA that juice containing up to 80 ppb does not raise any safety issues.  Testing is performed by FDA and will use local routine sampling procedures.

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