lunes, 19 de mayo de 2008

AMA, AVMA and ASM join forces on One Health initiative

Inter-relationships among human, animal, and environmental health
A new initiative will help physicians and veterinarians better respond to outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, officials report.
Dubbed the One Health Initiative, its goal is to bring veterinary medicine, human medicine and environmental sciences together to build a national strategy.
Unveiled at the recently concluded AVMA meeting, the collaboration aims to improve systems to recognize, monitor and treat zoonotic disease.
Dr. Roger Mahr explains, "The convergence of animal, human and ecosystem health clearly dictates that the 'one world, one health, one medicine' concept must be embraced. Together we can accomplish more to improve health worldwide than we can alone."
Dr. Ron Davis, president-elect of the AMA, adds, "Emerging infectious diseases, with the threats of cross-species transmission and pandemics, represent one of many reasons why the human and veterinary medical profession must work more closely together."
News of the collaboration was unveiled to reporters this week at the AVMA
The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) has endorsed the One Health Initiative, which recognizes the inter-relationships among human, animal, and environmental health and seeks to enhance communication, cooperation, and collaboration in integrating these areas for the health and well-being of all species.
“The goals of the One Health Initiative are consistent with the ASM mission of applying and communicating knowledge of microbiology for the improvement of health and environmental and economic well-being worldwide,” said ASM past president Dr. Stanley Maloy, who chairs ASM’s Communications Committee.

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