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USDA Email Reveals Poultry Industry Plans to Monitor Pathogens

The industry program is intended to set pathogen reduction goals

U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors should not interfere with poultry industry efforts to collect chicken samples from processing facilities for a program intended to set pathogen reduction goals, according to an internal email from an administrator within the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).
The program, organized by the National Chicken Council, aims to collect samples of chicken parts from “most all poultry establishments” in order to develop voluntary pathogen reduction performance goals
There is the potential that some in-plant inspectors and field supervisors may begin questioning this effort and take steps to force the establishments to turn over the results of the sampling. Because inspectors may mistakenly assume that the sampling could influence decision-making at individual poultry establishments In fact, any interruption of the industry’s data collection would have a negative impact on public health.
The poultry industry has the most responsibility to reduce pathogen loads on chicken parts, but USDA needs to answer questions about how those pathogen loads might be enforced. According to a 2012 UDSA report, the estimated national prevalence of Salmonella on chicken parts was 24 percent, while Campylobacter was 21 percent.
The data being collected by the poultry industry will be used to take a hard look at the process of cutting chicken into parts. It’s a way for the industry to prepare to meet or exceed whatever performance standards FSIS plans to set.

Source: FSIS, USDA

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