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EFSA says networking is key to emerging risk monitoring

Expert opinion and networking will remain a key element to gathering and analyzing data of emerging risks in food and feed, according to a new report EFSA.

Development and implementation of a system for the early identification of emerging risks in food and feed was issued and aimed to review the current situation and outline the objectives, timelines and resources needed by EFSA in order to build a capacity for emerging risks identification.

Networking will be key element in gathering and analyzing data to extent, formal networks with EU and international agencies and stakeholders. EFSA said that currently only the first step of this process, data monitoring, is partially in place. As more data sources become accessible, the process will become more effective, commented EFSA. Tools will need to be developed to assist in handling increasing amounts of data, particularly for their analysis. From issues identified during this monitoring, detailed case studies on specific issues are being prepared. EFSA said it is concentrating on food and feed risks during the start up phase and will start to monitor emerging risks in plant health and animal health in 2011 and 2012.

As part of its strategy to incorporate expert opinion into the emerging risks identification process EFSA organized colloquium on emerging risks last month, in which a group of specialists were brought together to discuss the agency’s progress in the identification of emerging risks in the food supply chain. To gather information from experts, risk assessors, risk managers and other stakeholders on their views on emerging risks. Participants insisted that access to a broad spectrum of experts would be a critical success factor for the authority’s future work in this area. EFSA is looking for expertise in all fields of biological and chemical risks that may affect the food supply chain.

Aporte: Andrea Martín

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