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Advanced instrument for food microbiology

Food safety innovation
The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention has estimated that approximately 48 million people become sick with foodborne illnesses each year, that’s why more regulations and microbiological testing have been enforced. In the past, Drs. Jim Gilchrist and Jeptha Campbell in 1976 have developed the spiral plating method and FDA established as an accurate method to enumerate bacterial samples in food microbiology.
Advanced Instruments Inc. based in Norwood, MA, has facilitated vast improvements in the field of spiral plating. The Autoplate is the latest in microprocessor controller spiral plating technology and uses an AOAC approved method to directly plated microbial suspensions with concentrations ranging from 40 to 1,000,000 CFU/ml on 10 cm plates without the need for serial dilution. This automated method’s unique features result in greater sample repeatability and significant savings in time, labor and disposable materials over conventional plating methods.
In the food industry, ongoing research continues to determine the prevalence of pathogens, improve detection rates and develop methods to raise the quality of the food supply in both raw and processed food items and their ingredients. The autoplate is also ideal for those interested in utilizing selective or differential agars since it can make up to 10 different plates using only one aspiration of sample.
Spiral plating has been an important tool for microbiologists in the food safety field. The method provides accurate and precise enumeration, which then heps identify pathogens that can be found in food. Using the autoplate minimizes labor yet still meets the laboratory criteria of accuracy, efficiency and sterility of samples. The time saved on sample preparation and plating can help with the identification of new pathogens and improvements in food quality control. The system will help with the speedy recognition of bacterial outbreaks.

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