martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Data Management is Essential for Safety Food Products

The importance of developing a FSMA compliance strategy and receive recommendations
Today, food safety testing laboratories face numerous scientific and operational challenges - meeting mandated detection limits, developing sample preparation techniques for complex matrices, increasing sample throughput, and maximizing their return on investment. Addressing these challenges requires innovative analytical solutions that will enhance laboratory effectiveness.
Technology solutions like the NuGenesis Lab Management System play a key role in food safety laboratories. Not only do they address compliance regulations, they provide much broader business benefits, such as healthier and higher-quality products, improved customer satisfaction, and optimized processes.
Read more about the importance of developing a FSMA compliance strategy and receive a few recommendations for how to get that effort started.

FDA defines Strategic and Risk-Based Industry Oversight
  • Given the scale and complexity of the global food system and the demand for higher levels of assurance that prevention systems are working properly, FDA will use an expanded oversight tool kit that includes both traditional and new tools, such as:
    • Commodity- and sector-specific guidance on implementation of prevention-oriented standards;
    • Education and outreach to industry to ensure expectations and requirements are understood;
    • Technical assistance to facilitate compliance, especially by small and mid-size operators;
    • Regulatory incentives for compliance, such as less frequent or intense inspection for good performers;
    • Reliable third-party audits to verify compliance;
    • Public education, transparency, and publicity to promote compliance and prevention; and
    • Modernized approaches to inspection and enforcement based on the prevention framework and the enhanced inspection and enforcement tools provided by FSMA.

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