jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

The fight against antibiotic resistance

When the rapid solution become in your worst enemy

Two reports on antibiotic resistance are released. The first one, entitled “How safe is your ground beef?”, mentioned how frequently a food poisoning occurs for raw or undercooked meat. Between 2003 and 2012, there were almost 80 outbreaks of E. coli O157 due to tainted beef, sickening 1,144 people, putting 316 in the hospital, and killing five. But the risk it´s growth, actually the use of antibiotics in farms has contributed to the rise of antibiotic- resistance bacteria. Testing the prevalence and types of bacteria in ground beef, there was found a lot of bacteria resistant to antibiotic, like as: C. perfringens, Salmonella and S. aureus.
In the second report, entitled “CDC Grand Rounds: Getting Smart about Antibiotics” the CDC pointing out the impact of inappropriate antibiotic use in human medicine. It´s regular seen when people get sick use antibiotic to combat life-threatening bacterial diseases, causing that common infections become more difficult to treat, requiring longer time to get better, and spreading the infection. So, antibiotic prescribing must be reduce and tracked to understand and improve antibiotic use. Even a variety of educational campaign tries to inform to communities about antibiotic use and resistance, this problem, actually, has no change.
On the other hand, there are ideas that use this information for despite the real issue. The resistance it´s a natural process and maybe the antibiotic it´s not the best way to get better and combat bacteria. Omar Oyarzabal take the presence of bacteria in uncontacted indigenous population of Yanomami Amerindians in South America to demonstrates bacteria have been evolving different resistance mechanisms against antibiotics because these bacteria have been competing with each other for resources in the same environment, mainly in the soil, for thousands of years.

Finally, the great problem is we don´t have  new drugs use it to attack this bacteria  quickly, no too fast to avoid resistance, and the time it´s primordial.


Aporte: Nicolina Prat (julio)

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