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Aflatoxin sorter tool now goes beyond peanuts

An aflatoxin laser sorter which has been proven in a trial phase over 12 months with a global ready-to-eat snacks company has been modified to allow for the detection of all tree nuts as well as peanuts and is now being rolled out globally, claims Visys.

The Belgium-based equipment manufacturer said that its Toxyn sorter can now be used by producers of pistachios, groundnuts, almonds, brazil nuts and hazelnuts.

Aflatoxin, the generic name for several related metabolites (mycotoxins) produced by the mould Aspergillus Flavus on a wide range of nuts, is known to cause serious health problems and be highly carcinogenic.

Historically, detection of aflatoxin has been difficult but Frank Zwert, managing director of Visys told BakeryandSnacks.com that the results of the company’s exclusive trialling of the sensor based technology with the global snack processor show that it significantly reduced aflatoxin-contaminated batches.

‘The processor achieved a false reject percentage of 0.3 per cent, which translates as three kg per 1,000kg of nuts and is definitely under the threshold for EU tolerance limits,’ said Zwert.

He explained how the sensor based opto-electronic system works by detecting a naturally occurring acid that is a significant indicator of the presence of aflatoxin.

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