jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

FDA develops new ways to spread recall information

The FDA has issued a strategic plan for risk communication that outlines ways in which it will let consumers and health professionals know about the products it regulates.

This includes 70 actions that it plans to take, 14 of which it intends to implement over the next year. In terms of food, this includes developing multi-media communications about safe food practices, both for education purposes and for communication about food contamination.
It has said it will also post pictures of FDA-regulated products as part of recall notices.
FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said: “We are committed to improving communications the public receives about the products we regulate. The FDA must communicate frequently and clearly about risks and benefits and inform patients and consumers about ways to minimize risk as they become increasingly involved in managing their health and well-being.”

Fuente: Food Quality News
Aporte: Leidy Beltrán

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Alejandra Lavin dijo...

creo que es un buen plan de trabajo, pero mejor aun seria que el pais pudiese disminuir la cantidad de agencias relacionades con la inocuidad de los alimentos para asi evitar confusiones entre los consumidores sobre a quien deben dirigirse por una falla en un producto determinado.