viernes, 21 de agosto de 2009

China launches new food safety reporting system

China’s State Food and Drug Administration has launched a new food safety reporting system which it has offered for public consultation.

The system is designed to ensure food safety accidents or potential food safety accidents at regional level are reported swiftly and accurately. According to the China State News Agency: “The time to respond to the report should be no more than six hours, and no party or individual shall conceal, lie, or delay the reporting of food accidents.”

Any food-related accident that involves more than 30 people must be reported to the local food administration department within six hours.

National Events
The new rules require food service providers to report any food related accidents within two hours to the local supervision departments and to take effective measures to coordinate the investigation of the accidents.

Food Safety Commission
Meanwhile, earlier this year China announced plans to launch a food safety commission to oversee the nation's entire food monitoring system.

The new commission is expected to focus on the nation’s macro food safety strategies and the division of responsibilities in times of emergency. It will not have any representatives from the food industry.

Technical support for the new organization is expected to come from three existing organizations: the State Food Safety Science and Technology Commission, the State Food Safety Risk Assessment Commission, and the State Food Safety Standard Commission.

Aporte: Claudia Villarroel

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