lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

Review of European food hygiene regs

Leading players in the UK food sector are being asked for their views on an overhaul of European food hygiene legislation three years after the rules came into force

The move is part of a Europe-wide consultation that was written into the regulations in 2006 by the European Parliament and Council because of the innovative nature of the legislation.

EC food hygiene regs
The new regulations introduced a shift in approach to food hygiene policy, said the European Commission in is recently published report. The aim was to simplify the body of rules surrounding food hygiene and make it more coherent by separating the different disciplines of public health, animal health and official controls. Instead the rules would concentrate on objectives to be reached by food business operators (FBO) rather than maintaining very detailed requirements. The Commission said the regulations were designed to be flexible enough to adapt to the systems of individual FBOs.

But the report highlights an apparent difference of perception between member states, companies and industry groups on the one hand and EU inspection teams on the other over how successful implementation of the measures has been. The former group declared application had not presented “major difficulties” for FBOs and national authorities but the EU officials flagged some persistent concerns.

The report also concluded there was no support for extending the application of HACCP-based production procedures to primary production.

UK consultation
The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has approached around 150 stakeholders for their reaction to the report. The body has asked for opinions on whether they agree with the contents and conclusions of the report, as well as asking for suggestions to deal with the issues raised in the document.

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