martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

New enzyme makes melamine detection easier and cheaper

A simple and cheap method of testing for melamine contamination of milk and other foods has been developed thanks to the discovery of a new enzyme
A team at the University of Minnesota’s BioTechnology Institute (BTI) announced the finding which they said would make detection of melamine in milk, powdered milk, cream, ice-cream and chocolate drinks easier and less expensive. The group also has plans to adapt the system to uncover the presence of melamine in seafood and meat.
BTI members Larry Wackett and Michael Sadowsky said the breakthrough came after the fermentation of the melamine deaminase enzyme. The pair said the enzime works by breaking one of the C-N bonds in melamine to release ammonia - which can then be detected by a simple test that turns the liquid blue. The discovery came as a junior member of the team was carrying out tests on biodegradation of s-triazine herbicides.
The new enzyme is now being used in biotech company Bioo Scientific’s MaxDiscovery Melamine Testing kit.

Fuente: Food Navigator USA
Aporte: Leidy Beltrán

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Leidy Patricia dijo...

Un interesante aporte para detectar melamina en productos lácteos. Ojalá esta labor en conjunto con las nuevas leyes de inocuidad alimentaria en China puedan evitar que gente inescrupulosa realice actos indebidos que atentan contra la salud de las personas...

Alejandra Lavin dijo...

Creo que este es un avance importante para la población china que en el último tiempo ha tenido varios problemas relacionados con la inocuidad de los alimentos, en conjunto con su nueva legislación este será un aporte importante para quienes se preocupan por la inocuidad de los alimentos.