viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

Senate approves $125 bn FDA, USDA budget

The US Senate has approved a $125bn budget for FDA and USDA, which includes extra funding for food safety as well as farming subsidies.

Spending for the FDA would increase by 15 percent under the Appropriations Act, to $2.35bn, partly to help fund additional food safety measures introduced by the Food Safety Enhancement Act which passed through the House last week. In May, the Obama Administration had requested a $3.2bn FDA budget, or a 19 percent increase.
Almost half of the budget for the two agencies, which covers funding for the financial year starting October 1, would provide extra support for government nutrition programs, as use of food stamps has risen to an all-time high. Nearly 34 million people received food stamps in April this year.
The budget, which passed with a vote of 80-17, also covers farm supports and land conservation.

Fuente: Food Navigator USA
Aporte: Leidy Beltrán

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