domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

Bihar, 20 children die poisoned by "free school lunches"

More than 20 intoxicated children died in Bihar
In India there has been a mass poisoning that has caused national and global confusion because those affected were children. More than 27 children have been admitted to hospitals in the capital by consuming foods with pesticides, some of them are seriously ill. These children are part of a national program of free school meals in the nation, (it is noteworthy that the food safety and quality is well below international standards).
The tragedy has already killed 20 children in primary school in the state of Bihar in eastern India, this incident has provoked strong protests and condemnation in the population. 
It is presumed that the blame for this tragedy insecticides be in vegetables and rice midday meal.
Nitish Kumar, prime minister, has sent a team of experts to the school for a thorough investigation. 
Another 47 primary school students in the village of Dharmasati Gandaman have also experienced symptoms of poisoning.
Aporte: Gianni Passalacqua

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