lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2008

New micro filtration technologies for removing unwanted microorganisms in extended-shelf-life (ESL) dairy goods

Tetra Pak has announced a new cooperation with technology group Fluxxion.
As part of its latest agreement, the two companies will combine their expertise to devolve a new system to replace 1 metre-long rods of ceramic membranes with 2mm thick round products, an innovation it says is the first of its kind. These membranes, which are 15cm in diameter, can be stacked together to increase the microsieve surface area, according to the manufacturers.

Microfiltration technology
Micro filtration is a vital process in processing milk and cheeses designed to remove organisms like bacteria and spores from a fluid by passing through a micro porous membrane. The process occurs after the separation process, but before heat treatment and pasteurisation, according to the company.

Tetra Pak says that teaming its 25 years experience in microfilters with Fluxxion’s technical knowledge in the field of semiconductor and micro system products will allow it to be cost efficiently integrate the systems into its products for greater cost efficiency.

Fluxxion’s role in the partnership will be to provide the wafer-stacked round microsieves, which create a cross flow system that also uses a back-pulse system to keep membrane filters clean in processing.

Though Tetra Pak did not reveal if it was looking to kick off similar cooperation agreements with other technology groups, it said it was always focused on providing state of the art services to its members.

“We are constantly on the look out for cutting edge technology which will provide our customers with a competitive advantage in the market,” the spokesperson said.
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